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About the Appraisal Process

I offer both written and verbal appraisals on a variety of personal property items, including but not limited to: Paintings, prints, books, photographs, sculptures, drawings, ceramics, figurines, costume jewelry, furniture, and antiques. Please send me an email to discuss what your appraisal needs are. Once I have assessed the scope of the work required, I can offer a quote for the fee. A contract is signed, and an appraisal is conducted in three steps: First, I examine and photograph the items to be appraised and take notes (or I examine the photographs and/or information provided). Second, I conduct research to assess the item's value. Thirdly, a report is presented to the client, either in the form of a written report or in an oral report usually given over the phone. The report will include all the information about the item(s) including my professional opinion of the value. 


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An on-site visit is often necessary to gauge the scope of the project required. Otherwise, an estimate can also be provided based on photos.

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Alexandra Marshall Huckabay




Appraiser's Association of America
CASP program 2017-18

Brown University
A.B., Classics & Fine Art, 2004

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• Appraiser's Association of America, associate member
• USPAP Compliant